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Squad Mode Multi-Pack

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Level up with the Fortnite Legendary Series Club Squad Mode 4- Figure Pack. These articulated Fortnite action figures have incredible details and feature premium loadouts. The scale makes it perfect for living out your Fortnite adventures in real life.

Drift, Doggo, Fishstick, and X-Lord are fitted with the Dual Edge, Chew Toy, Bootstraps, and Fang Saws (Crimson) Harvesting Tools, Compact Submachine Gun, Tactical Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Minigun, Legendary Revolver, Crossbow, Suppressed Legendary Assault Rifle, Drum Shotgun, and Infantry Rifle Weapons.

They are also equipped with the Drift Style Back Board, Chow Down, Saltwater Satchel, and Spiked Satchel (Crimson) Back Bling, and Shadow Stone, Storm Flip, and Mushroom accessories. Fishstick comes with 3 interchangeable faces and Doggo comes with 4 interchangeable faces.

  • Contents: Articulated Drift, Doggo, Fishstick, and X-Lord Figures, 7 interchangeable faces, 6 harvesting tools, 11 weapons, 4 back bling and 2 accessories

  • Dimensions: 15H cm

  • Figures feature over 36 points of articulation

  • Game-like details

  • Equipped with Weapons, Harvesting Tools and more

  • Doggo and Fishstick come with interchangeable faces

  • Officially licensed by Epic Games