Recruit (Jonesy)

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General, Multi-Pack

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Squad Mode Multi-Pack

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Level up your game with the Fortnite Legendary Series Squad Mode 4- Figure Pack! This set is loaded with over 30 pieces, including four incredibly detailed 15cm action figures—Recruit (Jonesy), Tomatohead, Peely, and Beef Boss— weapons, Harvesting Tools and Consumables! This set also features an interchangeable head for Tomatohead and interchangeable faces for Peely and Recruit (Jonesy)!

Includes: 4 x 15cm Articulated Figures—Recruit (Jonesy), Tomatohead, Peely, and Beef Boss, 4 x Harvesting Tools—Default Pickaxe, Axeroni, Patty Whacker, and Machete, 10 x Weapons - Dynamite, Infantry Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Clinger, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Hunting Rifle, Dual Pistols and 2 x Tactical Shotguns, 6 x Interchangeable Faces, 2 Interchangeable Heads, 4 x Back Bling and 4 x Consumables