Spartan Mk VII

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Tipo di rilascio

General, Boxed

Serie o Wave

Spartan Collection, Series 1

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Whether they’re slaying enemy forces, completing vital mission objectives, or capturing that final climactic flag, any Spartan wearing Mark VII Mjolnir armor is an essential member of the UNSC forces. Wielding a CQS48 Bulldog shotgun and Disruptor, this Spartan Collection 6.5” figure comes with high-quality details, full articulation for posing, and accessories for customizing play and display.

  • Features 1 Spartan Mk. VII figure, 1 Bulldog Shotgun Accessory, 1 Disruptor Accessory, and Interchangeable Hands.

  • This Spartan Mk. VII figure is highly detailed and full fully articulated for maximum playability and posing possibility!

  • Includes 1 code to unlock In-Game content for Halo Infinite!

  • An officially licensed Halo product from Wicked Cool Toys, a Jazwares Company!